Time Management Workshops

A Time Management Workshop Designed for Your Team

We customize every workshop to meet the specific needs of the group. From a one-hour presentation to a full two-day workshop, our programs are designed to fit in with your schedule. We can also accommodate your group size, from a small coaching workshop to a very large group. In fact, if you are planning a conference, you can set the right tone with a time management keynote presentation or breakout session by Roger Reece. Your workshop will be tailored to include the topics, tools and time management techniques your team needs.

All you need is a room. Book a room at a hotel or conference center, or use a training or conference room in your facility. We do the rest. Our time management workshops are fun, entertaining and highly effective in fostering a change in behavior.

Creating Value through Self Management

Everyone understands the basic principles of time management, but it's not what you know that counts... it's what you do. Our workshops focus on the disciplines of self-management and personal growth. We all want to create more value - at work, in our careers, in our personal lives and for our families. Unfortunately, as creatures of habit, we tend to unconsciously sabotage our own efforts, through old habit patterns that keep us from accomplishing the important things each day of our lives. We need to be effective self-managers, and that requires a new attitude toward personal change. When the members of your team attend this workshop, the message is loud and clear: Look in the mirror... you need to change your behavior.

Time Management Styles

Each member of your team approaches time management differently. Some people have the ability to get into the zone and accomplish tremendous results, but they just can't seem to manage interruptions. Some people work well in a group setting, but can't seem to focus on tedious individual planning and paperwork tasks. Some of your hardest-working and most productive team members procrastinate on the projects that fall out of their comfort zone. The force of habit keeps people locked into a style that is sometimes productive and sometimes unproductive.

In our time management workshops we examine typical time management styles and offer techniques for breaking out of the old, non-productive patterns. An option we make available to aid your team in this training process is Time Management Style Assessments based on the DISC model.

DISC Assessments

If you choose to include this option, each member of your team will complete a 15-minute online assessment survey one week prior to the time management workshop. After finishing the survey, each team member will immediately receive an 18-page "Success Insights Time P.L.U.S." DISC profile via email. The profiles are extremely accurate in identifying each individual's time management style and typical time-wasters. During the workshop, Roger Reece explains the DISC model and uses the profiles to zero in on each team member's style, and on key areas for change and personal growth. For more information, please visit our DISC Training Workshops website.

Time Management Tools

We include customized time management workbooks with every workshop. Each workbook is filled with individual exercises, forms, checklists, self assessments and tools designed to help each member of your team develop new time management habits. Everyone wants to get more done each day, but too many people rely on their memory as their primary support system. We offer tools that can form a new, external support system that reliably offloads much of the memory work.

TASK-it™ Task Management System

One of our most effective tools is TASK-it, a highly efficient and effective external support system for offloading memory and getting it all done. TASK-it replaces to do lists, sticky-notes and piles of paper with a unified, easy-to-use system. The best part is, if you are already using Microsoft Outlook®, TASK-it is free. Although TASK-it can be set up as a completely manual, paper-based system, we recommend implementing it through the features inherent in Outlook. In this way, TASK-it is automatically integrated with your existing email and calendar system.

In a one-hour TASK-it module within your time management workshop, we will give your people everything they need to re-configure Outlook to support the TASK-it system. And the great thing is, each team member can set it up in minutes without any programming or IT support. Most of our clients tell us that the TASK-it training alone more than justifies the cost of the time management workshop.

If you're not ready for a workshop, implement TASK-it today with Roger Reece's new book, TASK-it: Effective Task Management with Outlook.

Time Management Topics:

The topics we will include in your time management workshop depend on the needs of your team and the length of the workshop. When you contact us, we will schedule a phone call to discuss your objectives and the potential topics. Below is a list of some of the topics we can include:

    • The nature and value of productivity
    • Valuing your time
    • Assessing your time management strengths & weaknesses
    • Removing the barriers to your productivity
    • Overcoming the procrastination habit
    • Focusing and staying in the zone
    • Learning to be present: the power of now
    • Managing tasks, projects, goals and ideas
    • Determining and managing priorities
    • Negotiating your priorities
    • Resolving conflicts with multiple bosses & priorities
    • Deadlines, time pressures and heavy workloads
    • Mastering the art of delegation
    • Inspect what you expect: the power of "The Stream"
    • The power of personal decision management
    • Negotiating your time & commitments
    • Understanding what you can control and what you can’t
    • Managing interruptions & distractions
    • How and when to say “no”
    • How and when to say “yes”
    • People vs. tasks: your personal style
    • Time management and effective communication
    • Dealing with the things you hate to do
    • Understanding and escaping your comfort zones
    • Starting and completing large projects
    • Managing multiple projects
    • Procrastination and perfectionism
    • Overhauling your task list system
    • Overhauling your planning and scheduling system
    • Getting and staying organized
    • Email: the do's and don't's of effective communication
    • Managing paper, emails and data files
    • Simple and effective speed-reading techniques
    • Tuning in to your energy cycle
    • Holding effective meetings – when you’re in charge and when you’re not
    • Overcoming the force of habit
    • Setting & achieving personal time management goals
    • Developing new habits for managing your time
    • Achieving the productivity balance

Other Topics

We offer workshops on a variety of topics, including stress management, goals & achievement, interpersonal communication, leadership, creative thinking, selling skills and customer service. We can include any of these topics in your time management workshop. Just contact us to discuss the possibilities. You can find information on the wide range of topics available on our Roger Reece Seminars website.

Highly Interactive

A long workshop can seem even longer if it's conducted in a routine classroom style. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about boredom and tedium in our workshops. Roger Reece is highly skilled at maintaining the right pace with fun and interactive discussions, exercises and activities.

Team-Building Activities

Why not make your time management workshop a team-building event? We can include one or more team-building activities as an integral component of your workshop. Our activities are designed to build the spirit of teamwork while illustrating the time management principles being taught in the workshop. Teams compete to complete a project under the pressures of deadlines and competition. After each activity, Roger Reece conducts a debriefing session to discuss what each team experienced and how it relates to day-to-day experiences in the workplace. The result: a fun and challenging time management training experience.

Humor and Entertainment

If you would like an extra measure of fun, humor and entertainment, you can include a special guest appearance by back-woods philosopher Buford P. Fuddwhacker (Roger Reece's alter-ego). Buford's segments are guaranteed to liven up your workshop with music, outrageously funny audience participation, and a hilarious slant on time management. For more information, please visit our Fun Motivational Keynotes website at www.funmotivationalkeynotespeaker.com.

Do it Now!

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