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If you have thought about attending a public seminar on Time Management, you should consider one of our time management coaching workshops. Most public seminars are generic in nature, and while they deliver information, they don't usually result in change; it's too easy to sit back and be a spectator. By contrast, our coaching workshops are designed for one-on-one personal training and coaching... and they focus on personal change.

If you are a small organization, or if you supervise a small team, you may have assumed that an in-house time management workshop is out of the question. But the alternative - sending everyone to a public seminar - is generally not a particularly good use of your time or money. So schedule a small-group coaching workshop for your team. Like our one-on-one coaching workshops, there are no spectators. Each participant receives focused training and coaching for maximum results (and maximum personal change).

Time Management Style Assessments

Everyone approaches time management differently, with a lifetime of good and bad habits. DISCOur Time Management Style Assessments, based on the DISC model, are an integral component of our coaching workshops. The assessments instantly reveal areas for improvement, and Roger Reece works individually with each coaching client to identify appropriate tools and solutions for change and growth. Please visit our DISC Training Workshops website for more information about assessments.

Structured Training in a Personal Coaching Format

Our coaching workshops include all the content of a standard workshop, with the added value of individual coaching and interaction. The topics covered are applied to the specific situations faced by the coaching client each day, and there is ample opportunity for Q&A every step of the way.

During the workshop, Roger works with the client to develop a personal time management action plan, and together they jumpstart the process of adopting new, productive habits, tools, techniques and external support systems to raise the level of productivity in every area.

productivity jumpstartProductivity Jumpstart

If you're looking for a real productivity jumpstart, Roger Reece can work with you at your desk to reconfigure your Microsoft Outlook® software and get you going with TASK-it™, our automated task management system. All of your "to do" lists, your piles of unfinished projects, your physical inbox and your email inbox will be transformed into a highly efficient system for getting everything done productively and effectively.

The Day After Your Time Management Workshop: Productivity Coaching for Executives, Managers and Key Employees

If you have a larger group and you're considering a time management workshop, make it even more productive by scheduling a day of coaching on the following day. Roger Reece can work one-on-one with key team leaders to jumpstart their productivity. If one coaching day isn't enough, make it a full week of coaching. Your team will never be the same again! You can also schedule quarterly followup coaching sessions to make sure no one drops the productivity ball.

Take Action Now

All you need to do to get started is to contact us via phone or email. We'll email more information to you about our coaching workshops, including costs. If you're interested, the next step is a phone call to discuss objectives and options. After the call, you'll receive a detailed outline of the coaching program we propose. All you need to do at that point is schedule it.

Your team is sharp, capable and productive. Give them the support they need to improve their time management skills and improve their productivity by:

    • Identifying weaknesses and areas for change
    • Improving team members' delegation skills
    • Learning to prioritize more effectively
    • Breaking the procrastination habit
    • Implementing new personal productivity tools and systems
    • Becoming more assertive and decisive
    • Learning how to manage interruptions and negotiate priorities
    • Getting and staying organized
    • Creating and implementing new self-management action plans

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